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SNIPEF Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers Federation

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STEP 1 - Tell us who you are
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STEP 2 - Tell us about your business

# Note: Evidence of industry accepted qualifications must be submitted for these work categories.

STEP 3 - Tell us who your Proprietors, Partners and Directors are

Tell us the name and National Insurance Number of your Proprietors, Partners and Directors:

Has any Proprietor, Partner or Director listed above been connected to a plumbing, heating or related trade business which has become bankrupt or has gone into liquidation in the last 12 months? (Please tick)  

If yes, please list which Proprietor, Partner(s) or Director(s) has been connected and note the name of the firm which went out of business and the date it ceased to trade.

Note: If the applicant has been a Proprietor, Partner, or Director of a plumbing, heating or related trade business and the business became bankrupt or went into liquidation, then your application cannot be considered for a further 12 months from the date that this business ceased to trade.

If you need further guidance on this note before submitting your application please call the SNIPEF Membership department.

STEP 4 - Tell us about your operatives

Tell us the name and National Insurance Number of the plumbers and gas operatives you employ

Date of birth

STEP 5 - Tell us about your Insurer

As part of our membership conditions, we need to check that you hold Public Liability Insurance of at least £2m and Employers' Liability Insurance where appropriate. Tell us who your insurer is and we will contact them directly.

STEP 6 - I want to become a SNIPEF Licensed Business for the following reasons (please tick box- you may tick more than one).

This information will only be used in pursuit of continuous improvements to our services to members.
Please tick box- you may tick more than one.

Generate New Business leads via SNIPEF’s ‘Need a Plumber’ website and Referrals from Scottish Water and Business Stream

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