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GreenHomes Scheme


Boiler Scrappage Scheme

Northern Ireland





Housing and Welfare Minister Margaret Burgess has recently announced that households can apply for financial assistance from the Scottish Government of up to £1,200 to pay for energy improvement measures such as cavity and loft insulation, double glazing, a new boiler or draft proofing.

Taking simple steps to draught proof can cut £55 per year off the average property’s energy bill, while getting a new, energy efficient boiler could save a three bedroom home owner up to £300 annually.

£14m has been allocated to Green Homes Cashback in 2013/14 to help stimulate early uptake of the Green Deal and provide some assurance to installers and assessors that there is a market for Green Deal assessments and installations.To date, almost 5500 cashback vouchers have been issued. At least a further 11,500 are available which will all require a Green Deal assessment.

The scheme is cash / time limited so cannot be guaranteed beyond this financial year. Vouchers are being allocated on a first come, first served basis. Householders can apply for up to £1200 for a range of energy efficiency measures, recommended by a Green Deal assessment, including insulation measures and boiler replacements. This is broken down as follows: Up to £500 for insulation, up to £400 for a new boiler and up to £300 for other measures such as glazing and LED lighting.

Installers & assessors working together in partnership could make the process smoother for the customer and support each other as demand builds and the market develops.

To be eligible for a voucher then a Green Deal Assessment must be undertaken and the work must be carried out by a Green Deal certificated installer (self installs are only allowed for LED light bulbs, a hot water tank jacket or draught proofing).

These requirements are in place as the Green Homes Cashback Scheme exists to promote awareness and prompt activity under Green Deal. Householders can apply online at: www.greenhomescashback.org.uk or by calling the Home Energy Scotland hotline on 0800 512 012.


Homeowners Across Northern Ireland Can Now Apply For The New Boiler Replacement Scheme

The scheme, which will went live in September 2012, offers a grant of up to £1,000 to replace inefficient boilers, with energy efficient condensing oil or gas boilers; switching from oil to gas; or switching to a wood pellet boiler.

The scheme is open to owner occupiers who earn less than £40,000 and with an inefficient boiler of at least 15 years old. The grant is dependent on total gross income.The scheme, administered by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, could see more than 16,000 homes across Northern Ireland become more energy efficient.

To register call 0300 200 7874 or for more information click here.  See the panel opposite to download the relevant application forms


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Download Northern Ireland Boiler Replacement Scheme Application forms

>> Customer application form

>> Installer form

>> Certificate of earnings