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Approved Certifiers of Construction Scheme

(Drainage, Heating and Plumbing)

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Becoming a SNIPEF Approved Certifier of Construction means that you can certify that work complies with building regulations and you will appear on the Government approved list of registered installers.




Approved Certifiers of Construction or Design are suitably qualified and experienced professionals and tradespeople who operate under, and are registered by scheme providers such as SNIPEF.

The scheme allows individuals to self-certify work that is subject to a Building Warrant, providing an alternative to using local authority building standards inspectors.


To join the scheme individuals (Approved Certifiers) must be employed by a business (Approved Body) who is a member of the Plumbing Industry Licensing Scheme or who meets the criteria of the Licensing Scheme.

Individuals must be qualified at either Advanced or Technician level and hold appropriate qualifications for the scope of work they wish to verify. In addition they must sit a short Approved Certifier of Construction Course.

Click here to see what the scheme covers and the qualifications you need to be a scheme member and click here for more information on the scheme costs.


To become an Approved Body:

  • If you are a member of the SNIPEF Licensing scheme click here
  • If you are a NOT member of the SNIPEF Licensing scheme click here

 To become an Approved Certifier of Construction:

  • If you are a member of the SNIPEF Licensing scheme click here
  • If you are a NOT member of the SNIPEF Licensing scheme click here

NB. You must also submit an Approved Body application to join the scheme.


Click here for the Scottish Government Building Standards Division website.

To log in and register as an Approved Certifier so you can issue certificates click here.


To discuss your firm's eligibility to apply contact SNIPEF Schemes on 0131 556 0600

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Raymond Leslie,

SNIPEF Past President (2013/2014)

The SNIPEF Approved Certifier of Construction Scheme means real benefits for customers and members alike; both in terms of saving money and making the process more efficient."


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